Speaker and Award-winning Author Laura Diehl

My heart is to encourage and empower others; to bring hope and light to those who find themselves in a dark place. And my favorite way to do that is to share my heart with them through my words, both written and spoken.

When I speak, if you are a pareavor (a parent who has lost a child through death), I want you to walk away with the revelation, I can do this. I might not know how, but I can learn to live again in a way that honors my child.

If you are someone who knows a pareavor (or anyone in deep grief) I want you to leave with a new compassion, new awareness, and a renewed determination to offer comfort and support in a way that brings help and healing, instead of in ignorance that often causes greater pain and isolation.

Below you will find a list of all the events and topics we have to offer, with a wide range of who we offer them to (from a conference for bereaved parents to grief awareness training for company employees). If you don’t see what you are looking for, please feel free to email us.

Just a note: If you are just meeting me (and GPS Hope) for the first time, you might not be aware that  I have authored several books that go along with these subjects, which we provide for sale at all of our speaking engagements.  If you want to check them out, just click the “Laura's books” navigation link at the top left side of the website.

I want to know about the sessions offered for:

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Host a GPS Hope & Healing Conference

This is a one day event to minister directly to the soul and spirit of parents whose lives have been shattered by the death of their child; a place for them to receive encouragement, understanding, hope and light in a safe place, and to remember their children together.

While there, we also offer meetings open to the public, as described on our GPS Hope & Healing Conference page

Topics for pareavors

Testimonies – 

I want to thank God for your ministry to the grieving hearts of us who have had a child go “home” before us.  The whole day was bathed in the Holy Spirit.  Each part of the program brought hope and healing to my heart.  The communion was like no other.  I am so glad I came. - Sarah S.

One of the things that ministered the most to me is that God is here for us and carrying us.  I thank you so much for this conference.  I am taking home so much from it. - Dee L.

The conference was great! It was healing, eye opening, wonderful, and ministered so much to my heart. I definitely want to attend another one and will recommend it to other parents! - Donna A.

Dave’s words comforted me in my situation concerning my husband. It helped me to understand my husband’s grief process being different from mine.  - Sarah S.

Topics for Grief Awareness – How to Help Those Who are Grieving

Testimonies – 

I can say I had no idea.  I was one of those who had no clue what to say. We have families in our ministries who go through this, and many times we are the bridge, because many times we are more connected with the families than the head pastors are.  There is such a strong anointing on Laura. This is God!  All I can say is, “God, open the doors for this to message to go out”.  - Becky Fischer, founder of Kids in Ministry International

The ministry is so unique and so needed in the body of Christ.  As I listened, I changed my point of view in counseling, because it has been based on my own perspective and not the perspective of these parents who are actually going through this.   I believe this ministry is from God.  - Pastor Rey Angana

I want to say thank you, because one of my dear friends lost her 21 year old son tragically, and the one year mark of his death is coming up next week.  I have not had the words, but now I know what to say.  Thank you!  - Alicia W.

Your entire message rocked my world!  I have a team member who lost a child, and I had no clue what she had to fight to get through that (to be able to minister with me).  God is going to do something so amazing through this ministry.  I have not seen anything like this.  Thank you Dave and Laura.  God bless you both!  - “KidMin” Charlie

Topics for anyone facing a deep loss

Testimonies – 

From a place of grieving, to a place of encouragement, you (Dave and Laura) are helping others make that same connection.  From where you have been, you are bringing others to a hope and a future. 
- Karen S.

Dave and Laura have given themselves to this call of God.  They are giving others the gift of seeing things through God’s eyes.  - Pamela A.

You are not just taking the light of God into a dark place; you are like a chandelier that is reflecting light all over the place.  We all needed what you just shared.  - Lori H.

I loved Laura’s use of visual aids and how she used her personal stories to illustrate her points.  She really gave some good tips to use and excellent examples.  It really made me think. - (Taken from an evaluation form)

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Title of Talk: The Many Facets of Forgiveness in Grief
Talk Topic: The issue of forgiveness in the loss of our child 

Unforgiveness can be a huge issue with bereaved parents.  There are so many people we can be angry at, including anyone who had something to do with our child’s death (directly or indirectly), ourselves, our child, people around us who don’t understand, and for some of us, God.

First, we need to comprehend how unforgiveness keeps us in our pain and allows us to continue being dragged through the emotional mud by remaining attached to those we need to forgive.

Second, we need to realize forgiveness is a process, not based on our feelings.

Third, we need a plan of action to help us to let go of the anger and forgive.

I will go through all three of these, using an attention-getting illustration.

Key Takeaway: Attendees will see that the need to forgive those with whom they are angry is for their own benefit and healing, and will leave with a handout that can be used in their process of forgiveness. 


Title of Talk: Has Your Faith Been Shattered?
Talk Topic: For those who have a belief in God, and are struggling in that belief after the death of their child

Most of us who have a belief in God cannot comprehend why He allowed the death of our child.  We are angry, because we know He could have stopped it, and we want answers.  Many can no longer believe God is good, and the only thing we know to do is to turn our back on Him.  And yet, we somehow know deep down we need God to get us through this horrible nightmare. 

But how can we trust a God who has allowed our child to be taken from this earth?  How can the same God who allowed such darkness in our lives be a source of light and help us find any kind of joy ever again? 

I, personally, am one who believes God speaks to us through His spirit to our spirit.  In this session I will share several of the things God spoke to my heart in my place of darkness and deep grief.  I believe those whose faith in God has been shattered will be helped by these words as well. 

Key Takeaway: Attendees will be able to take these Words of love and grace that were given to me in my time of darkness and meditate on them, hopefully allowing their hearts to become open to trusting God once again, which will lead to a greater measure of healing.


Title of Talk: A Change in Perspective 
Talk Topic: Renewing our minds, changing the way we see and think about who we are without our child

My daughter had an amputation when she was only 3 years old.  I have her original tiny prosthesis.  I like to use this leg as a visual of how we compare losing a child to an amputation (and talk about the similarities, based on my personal experience).  The encouraging bottom line is that as an amputee, my daughter definitely had a different life, but she did not let it stop her from living a full life. 

We have been a victim of having our child cut off from us.  My daughter was a victim of cancer.  She could have sat around and let being a victim stop her from doing almost everything in life, but she chose to not let it become her identity.  We all come to a point where we have the same choice to make.  Are we going to choose to remain a victim, continually living from the identity of a parent who has had a child die, or are we going to make the choice to fight for learning how to live with a part of us missing?

Doing this requires us to change our perspective and renew our minds – change the way we think about things.  There are specific things we can do to help with this.

Key Takeaway: Attendees will know it is possible to make a choice (at some point in their grief journey) to turn the corner from victim to victor.  As a parent who has had a child cut off from them and leave this earth, they are still able to live a full life – different, but good.  They will be given several keys to help them take those steps.


Title of Talk: Until Death Do Us Part
Talk Topic: How to strengthen your marriage while grieving the death of your child

Many people will acknowledge we all grieve differently, but when it comes to our partner, that goes out the window and we think they should be grieving the same way we are.  This brings all kinds of accusations, hurt and division.  My husband, Dave, and I will share the raw and real “stuff” of our grief when our daughter died, how our marriage has actually been strengthened, and how we got to this place.  We are not marriage counselors, but we can share our personal experience and be a living example of hope for struggling marriages after the death of a child.

Key Takeaway: Attendees will be better equipped to deal with the pain of grief within their marriage/partner relationship, and have ideas on specific things they can do to strengthen themselves and their partner within their individual grief.


Title of talk:  Come Grieve through Our Eyes: How To Give Comfort and Support to Grieving Parents
Talk Topic: How to effectively minister to those who have lost a child – body, soul and spirit

This is a ninety minute time of ministry based on the book by Laura Diehl Come Grieve Through Our Eyes: How to Give Comfort and Support to Grieving Parents.  This teaching includes input shared from dozens of bereaved parents.  Anyone who wants to know what to say (or not to say) to parents who have lost a child through death, or how to be a support to them both short and long term, will find this full of valuable information.  We encourage children’s ministry teams to attend, along with anyone who thinks a parent who has lost a child “is better now” or “is over it,” as they are very mistaken in that belief and need this information.

Key Takeaway: Attendees will know what to say and not say, what helps, and what hurts a grieving parent, not just in the first weeks, but months and years later.  They will also be able to educate others around them with this crucial information.


Title of talk:  Come Grieve through Our Eyes: What Do I Do?  What Do I Say?
Talk Topic: Brings awareness and sensitivity to those around someone in deep grief, especially those who have lost a child (of any age)

Our culture does not handle grief in a way that is helpful to those who have faced a deep loss.  We often see it as an event instead of the process that it is which can takes weeks, months and even years, to not be affected deeply by that loss, especially the death of one’s child (no matter the age of the child).  Physically, they have a compromised immune system causing them to pick up sicknesses easily.  Their brains go through chemical changes, causing them to be easily confused, klutzy, and extremely forgetful.  Emotionally they are very raw, and easily upset, erupting suddenly into tears or anger.  People around those in deep grief need to know how to allow for these changes, especially the things that are hurtful to say and do.  This session touches on all of these issues.

Key Takeaway: Attendees will be aware of how deep grief affects someone, and be equipped with the knowledge of hurtful things to avoid saying or doing, along with what to do and say that will bring comfort and support to that person in their darkness and pain.


Title of talk:  Come Grieve Through Our Eyes: A Deeper Look (Part 2) 
Talk Topic: Gives more needed insight into deep grief that is not able to be covered in just one discussion

Only so much can be shared in one discussion.  A Deeper Look gives more insight into the things a bereaved parent faces on a day-to-day basis that others don’t think about, which explains why they never “get over it” and why they will never be the same person they were before the death of their child.  Knowing these things is critical for the long term support of anyone who is in deep long-term grief.

Key Takeaway: Attendees will be among the 5% who will not expect a grieving parent (or anyone who has faced a deep loss) to “be okay” after the first year, and so be able to offer the hope, comfort and support desperately needed for those in long-term grief that most others cannot give.


Title of Talk: How Can I Trust God after This Tragedy?
Talk Topic: Learning how to live in victory internally despite the external circumstances

Being a Christian does not give us a golden ticket that exempts us from being affected by living in a fallen, sinful world.  And when that belief of “having enough faith” or “walking in our authority” is confronted by a painful event that happens to us, we can become angry at God, question God’s goodness, and wonder how we can possibly trust God anymore when He allowed such a horrible thing to happen to us. 

Laura and her husband, Dave, have faced multiple tragedies over the years that most families never deal with.  For instance, they know what it is like to have a three year old daughter with cancer and be told they didn’t have enough faith or she would have been healed and not needed the chemotherapy and to have her leg amputated.  And they know what it is like to bury that same child, several years later.

They have learned that living in faith isn’t based on how God answers their prayers.  It is based on knowing intimately the One to whom they pray.  Knowing this truth keeps Dave and Laura from having a victim mentality, enabling them to walk in the true victory God intended for Christians, which is often an internal victory despite the external circumstances, and they want others to walk in the same truth.

Key Takeaway: Attendees will leave with a shift in their view of faith in a God who answers our prayers (based on God’s Word), allowing their trust in Him to be restored.


Title of talk:  Allowing God to Turn Your Pain into Purpose
Talk Topic: God’s desire is to take the painful events in our lives and turn them into stepping stones to become the powerful men and women of God He created us to be.

God’s grace is often so much more than what we have been taught.  His divine favor and empowerment will take the events of our past we had no control over (and the consequences of our failures) and use them to strengthen, mature, and establish us in our purpose and calling.  This teaching is based on 1 Peter 5:10.

Key Takeaway: Attendees will see how God was not blindsided by the events in our lives, and how He has a plan to turn our place of suffering into a position of strength, and our pain into an incredible purpose and plan that is so much bigger than we could imagine. 


Title of talk:  From Tragedy to Transformation to Triumph
Talk Topic: When tragedies come our way, we can choose to blame God for failing us and become bitter, or we can choose to lean into God and ask Him to change and transform us to become stronger and better.

 We are all victims of tragedies that happen to us in this life, and we all face the choice of how we respond to those tragedies.  We can choose to remain trapped under the circumstances and wallow in self-pity, allowing being a victim to become our identity.  Or we can choose to allow the unlimited power of God to transform us into the overcomers God says we can be, through the victory obtained for us with the same power that transformed Jesus from death to resurrected life.

Key Takeaway: Attendees will know they can make the choice to remain in their place of defeat and seeing themselves as a victim of life’s tragedies, or they can choose to walk through the transformation process provided by God through the power of the Holy Spirit to a place of triumph over their tragedies.

How do I book Laura for an event?
Laura would love to partner with you at your upcoming event.  If you are ready to take the next step, click below and fill out the information which will help us know how to better help you.

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