Speaker and Award-winning Author Laura Diehl

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Meet Laura
Hello. The first thing I want you to know about me is that the most fulfilling accomplishment in my life is my family.

Dave and I have been married for over 30 years, and have five children (four here on earth and our oldest, Becca, who already transferred to heaven). Our growing legacy of grandchildren is deeply rewarding and a true joy to our hearts.
For the first twenty years of my adult life, I was either involved with or led many facets of ministry to children in my local church. During much of that time, I was also a homeschool teacher for my own children. By the time our youngest was the only child still at home, he had started attending a local private Christian school. I became a certified Preschool teacher and was hired by the same school, but found myself stepping down after three years, because of how how much I was beginning to travel for Kids in Ministry International (KIMI).

I spent ten years with KIMI and was a part of the leadership team under the founder, Becky Fischer, as well as being an instructor and the first administrator for the KIMI School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry, overseeing and mentoring the students for three years. I was also the Director of KIMI Wisconsin.  

It’s a good thing that traveling is one of my favorite things to do, because during those ten years I had the blessing and fun of traveling around the U.S. and into well over a dozen countries, teaching, preaching, holding trainings, and ministering directly to both children and adults (usually to establish KIMI PowerClubs). I loved all those years spent serving people of all ages, encouraging them to discover the awesome things God has put inside of them, and doing what I could to equip them to be all that God has called them to be.

When Becca died, I continued on autopilot for a while. But as the full weight of the loss began to settle on me, I could no longer function in the capacity needed for Kids in Ministry International. With many tears, I stepped out of that ministry to try to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

While I was with KIMI, Dave and I had started Crown of Glory Ministries, mostly to be my 501c3 for ministry travel. But as I began to get to a functioning level again, we were led by God to step out fully as Crown of Glory Ministries and I did some international ministry as such.

During that time, God began to stir up a desire in me to write a  
book, to help other parents navigate through the blackness I was 
coming out of (which turned into five books written within
thirteen months!). And also during that time, people who had 
lost children started turning to us for hope, as we were just a 
little bit on the path ahead of them, and Grieving Parents 
Sharing Hope (GPS Hope) was birthed.

It became too difficult and overwhelming to “be” two ministries, and it became more and more obvious God was closing the door on my ministry to children and the momentum and anointing was getting stronger very quickly for ministering to bereaved parents. So, in the fall of 2016, we made the decision to phase out Crown of Glory Ministries, and start putting our time and focus on GPS Hope.

                                     And now I want to brag a bit on my husband. Dave is definitely my rock,
                                     and I could not do any of this without him. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in
                                     Computer Science and was in this field in the corporate world for 33 years.
                                     (Now he works for me!) Dave enjoys playing his saxophones on the church
                                     worship team (tenor and soprano) and has been in a “behind-the-scenes”
                                     support role in many areas for both people and organizations. His passion is
                                     supporting me and all God has called me to do, in any way he can. Yes, I
                                     am extremely blessed with a very rare man, indeed!

I still love to travel to faraway places (especially if a warm beach is involved) and to go on cruises. And just about anything colorful, shiny or fun easily gets my attention. In other words, I am easily “squirreled!” A big part of what Dave does is try to keep me focused; a very challenging job for sure!

                                            Bringing hope to hurting people, especially grieving parents, is what 
                                            I have chosen to give my life to. If you would like me to come and
                                            share that hope with your group, or to bring awareness to your group
                                            about how grief affects those who have experienced a deep loss,
                                            please take a look around the website at what I offer, and then 
                                            contact us with how we can serve you best.

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