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GPS Hope
Grieving Parents Sharing Hope (GPS Hope) is a place for those who are going through the deep dark blackness of losing a child, to find encouragement and strength. It is a safe place for the shattered hearts of pareavors (bereaved parents) to take off their masks and be allowed to grieve as needed. 

When our daughter, Becca, died October 12, 2011, we didn’t know anyone who had lost a child; could not find any local support groups for parents who were grieving the loss of a child (a different kind of grief than any other) and were left trying to navigate through the suffocating grief on our own. 

Many books I (Laura) read left me in a place of darkness and despair, and seemed to indicate it would be that way for the rest of my life.  This just wasn’t acceptable to me.  There had to be a way to move forward, not just as a shell of a person waiting to die, but a survivor with something to give, and a full life to live.  

There had to be a way to honor our daughter with life, not more death.

God in all of His wonderful love and grace showed Himself to be faithful in our lives once again, by pulling us out of that deep black pit that pareavors know all too well.  He continues to walk with us one day at a time, giving us the strength we need to persevere and push past the tragic death of our daughter, going beyond hope, to a place with fullness of purpose and meaning. 

GPS Hope was birthed because we believe this is possible for all pareavors.  It exists to give direction to hope, healing, and light, by offering various tools and resources to this unique group of parents, including our GPS Hope & Healing Conference that we take across the nation to grieving parents.
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