Speaker and Award-winning Author Laura Diehl

Laura's Blogs
Expressions of Hope is published every other week.  It covers the raw and real issues that bereaved parents deal with, giving hope and encouragement, while recognizing the reality of the suffocating darkness of the death of one’s child.

Having more than 30 years of ministry experience (with over ten of those years being international, having traveled to over fourteen nations), Laura has a lot to share that goes beyond helping grieving parents.  Friends, Family and Partners is a where she shares on various topics for those who are connected with GPS Hope, but are not bereaved parents. 

The GPS Hope vlog (video blog) is a short weekly word of encouragement on YouTube that is not just for grieving parents, but for anyone who has faced a deep loss or tragedy.

Gems from the Crown was a weekly blog from Crown of Glory Ministries, which was Dave & Laura’s ministry to strengthen and encourage believers in Christ in their walk with God, especially in the areas of vision, authority, and identity.  (Laura’s very first book Triple Crown Transformation was written during this time.)

Laura was a children’s minister for over 20 years.  She was asked by an international ministry to write an article for children in their monthly newsletter, to help kids grow in their personal relationship with God through the Holy Spirit living within them.  This was called Kidz Korner, and these short teachings to children were then also shared as articles on Dave & Laura’s personal ministry website.