Speaker and Award-winning Author Laura Diehl

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Hi! I am Laura Diehl, and as a bereaved parent, I have a passion to 

  • bring other grieving parents hope, light and life after the death of their child
  • show how to give comfort and support to those in deep grief both short-term and long-term (especially those who have lost a child) 
  • help those whose faith has been shattered after a deep tragedy
  • give company grief awareness and sensitivity training for employees

There are many avenues I use to do these things (including the books I have written), but one of my favorite ways is face-to-face speaking with those who need the message God has given me to share.

After you explore the website to see what we have to offer, I look forward to hearing from you, letting me know how I can best serve you and those whose lives you desire to touch.

"Since my passion is helping orphans, there isn’t much that moves me outside of that. But when Laura speaks I am always deeply touched, which is why I give her one of my top speaking spots at my conferences." – Tom Stamman, founder of Impact Ministries, International.

J.P. Olson, Founder of Journey Into The Word Ministry and Today’s Women Empowerment Summit says, "Laura has joined me in the U.S. and internationally in women’s conferences and other ministries to teach, speak and preach the Word Of God. She has used her gifts and talents to uplift, inspire, cheer and bring hope to all that she comes in contact with. This action-oriented servant has been most successful in using her gifts and talents by bringing together a fragmented world in perfect harmony as God wills.”

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Clip from Come Grieve Through Our Eyes: How to support grieving parents session at International Kids Ministers Conference.